Wings tokens distribution and Q1 summary

Exciting news, we are about to roll-out the Wings tokens distribution proposal for community acceptance! Read onward to learn more.

Also below, a short overview of our progress done during Q1 of this year, the latest change log, and last but not least, a tidbit from Coinscrum March.

Tokens distribution

Very soon, we are going to deploy the smart contract with the allocation proposal* to Ethereum main network, enabling the community to forecast on new exciting companies crowd funding success, and later on enable these companies to launch their own campaigns on top of Wings. Once deployed, it will be up to the community to accept the proposal, by simply starting using the Wings token.

The deployment will commence once the security audit has been completed by external security firms, however the community will be able to verify the amounts of their accounts by using a test contract deployed to the Kovan test network. Coming up a blog post with a step by step verification process.

Q1 overview and progress

Since the WINGS Foundation’s crowdfunding has ended during early January, the team has been focused on getting the beta version of WINGS ready for deployment. At the time we had estimated that this beta version would be made available around March 2017.

Currently, much of the system and the smart contracts has been developed. The progress may be followed on GitHub at:

Contracts for WINGS tokens, DAO proposals and creation, DAO crowdfunding (aka “ICOs”), and DAO valuation forecasting have been developed. Those contracts are currently being tested and audited by multiple 3rd party audit partners.

We also are making a lot of headway in the UX thanks to all the feedback we have received from the 3 alpha systems that have been launched:

There are many more improvements coming in future iterations of the front-end now that we have hired a person dedicated to UX.

For the first production release the last pieces remaining are the smart contracts for the rewards math and distribution, as explained in the WINGS Scientific White Paper by Serguei Popov, Phd.

Change Log


- Blockchain Oscar customization and launch

User Interface:

— UI contract iteration wChange Logith support of truffle 3.0 version, because we should follow new standards
 — Infinite scroll at “Discovery” page
 — Autosave changes while editing project draft
 — Added in-site feedback tool for better maintenance
 — Using PouchDB as local data storage, should make us much scalable and allows better cross browser supporting
 — Make SEO-friendly titles for each page
 — Fixed a lot of markup imperfections
 — Fixed error about project draft story on story editing page
 — Added loading bar to all pages
 — Fixed links in projects, now links open in new window
 — Password modal set default focus on password input (Thanks for feedback from @kar1898 in Ru Telegram Chat)
 — Fixed UI issues when it possible to just close modal when creating new account
 — Fixed issue when Youtube video missed after import exported json project


— Updated support widget to version with knowledge base lookup
 — New team members on website

Smart Contracts:

— Began code audits with 3rd part consultants
 — Fully refactored DAO smart contracts
 — Covered with tests new version
 — Finalizing ERC20 Token contract
 — Updated DAO with Review period and Forecast period, now it’s working as expected
 — Completed Math Model implemenation in C++, to simulate results
 — Translating Math Model from C++ Implemenation to Solidity


Lastly, we also had the pleasure to come to make this WINGS presentation at CoinScrum London this March along side Dr Nicolas Curtois and Dominik Williams of the Dfinity project. Public video is coming soon.

*The WINGS tokens allocation proposal will be as defined in WINGS Donation Campaign and WINGS Token Creation Terms and Conditions (see