WINGS Alpha & BlockShow Europe Blockchain Oscar People’s Choice Awards

We want to thank everyone who participated in the various incarnations of the WINGS alpha software to help us gather forecasting data, gather feedback on the user experience (note: we have finally hired a full time UX lead), and for submitting your projects to jump right into the fire of self-proclaimed crypto analysts powered by WINGS. WINGS is a system which intends to empower the crypto community to gain recognition and compensation for filtering, valuing and promoting projects. By providing this self-regulating mechanism of crowd AI ratings and identifying quality projects we can democratize access to cryptocurrency based fundraising to the mainstream. We can also start creating a global meritocracy of crypto-empowered project analysts who get a performance-based rating on the Ethereum blockchain, and who can qualify projects, value them and even help them get funded.

Over the last 3 months we have run 3 alpha systems running on our Ethereum development network servers: — this allowed anyone to propose an project and gather fake crypto money. — this allowed WINGS donors to make forecasts on the first or last 24 hours funding of real live ICOs! — this allowed CoinTelegraph readers and WINGS community members (or anyone with a mobile number) to get some test WINGS and forecast the value of about 18 projects, many of which are inline to do some form of crowdfunding.

In February, we formed a partnership with Humaniq and CoinTelegraph to get more developed projects using the WINGS alpha to showcase the potential of the platform. In doing so we morphed the alpha awards to be in sync with todays Blockchain Oscar Awards at the BlockShow Europe event in Munich, Germany. The prizes up for grabs would no longer just be decided by the WINGS organization staff but also from input from the general crypto community.

The prizes

  1. First Place — 2 BTC & 10,000 Euros of crowdfunding consulting services from the Foundation
  2. Second Place — 1 BTC & 5,000 Euros of crowdfunding consulting services from the Foundation
  3. Third Place — 0.5 BTC & 2,500 Euros of crowdfunding consulting services from the Foundation

The Contestants

We want to thank all of the projects who participated, and hope that the valuation forecasts and comments from the community help further your business. And now to the awards.

Honorable Mentions

The prizes were intended for potential DAOs that will be doing fundraising and could potentially using the WINGS DAO for their valuation and promotion, therefor some projects do not qualify either due to already holding an ICO or not capable of having an ICO or not exactly being a DAO (like investment funds).

Congratulations to RSK, Satoshi Fund and Aeternity

RSK is one of favorite projects and WINGS hopes to also become available on this system when it is live and stable. We are pleased to see them receive the 3rd highest number of forecasts. Satoshi Fund is an investment vehicle. And Aeternity which recently started their ICO.

3rd Place Winner(s)

Third place is going to be split among 2 very high quality projects.

2nd Place Winner

There is no 2nd place because first place is being shared by two projects!

The Winners of the WINGS Alpha & Blockchain Oscar 2017 People’s Choice Award are…

There are two projects which received over 100 forecasts, and both are making such an important contribution to the Ethereum and cryptocurrency ecosystems. StatusIM is working on a critical to mass adoption mobile browser platform, and Bancor addresses the liquidity challenge by creating a new standard for intrinsically tradable tokens which unlocks the long-tail of user generated crypto currencies.

Congratulations to all!