Verifying the account seed

At Wings, we are continuously trying to improve to make things as simple as possible. Sometimes we succeed, other times we succeed only after we get some of our community’s priceless feedback :).

The following guide is for those interested in verifying the account seed in their possession.

What is the account seed:

For each account created on the system during the donation campaign, a random 12 words mnemonic (or account seed ) was automatically generated. Users were then required to manually verify the account seed by inputting it and confirming that the account seed is backed up by 2 additional manual inputs (checkbox and button). The account seed is basically a private key, which can unlock the public key which is the Wings address.

Before you continue, please remember: Only use your personal computer and only on a private network. Do not run this process if you are not alone. Make sure your account seed is safely backed up. Remove unnecessary clipboard data and files from the computer to reduce risk (but make sure you have a safe backup).

Follow the guide below to verify your account seed:

  1. Go to and attempt to log in using your credentials (enter your email & password, confirm the captcha and click sign in)
Signing in at

2. Once inside, you will find an clickable option called ‘Verify my account seed’; Please click it

Click ‘Verify account seed’

3. In the popup window, enter the account freeze and click ‘Verify’

Verify account seed input modal

4. If the account seed is correct, you will receive a message stating so. If you receive a message stating that the account seed is not correct please make sure:
1) You are logged in the correct account
2) You are using the correct account seed

For those interested in verifying the recommended token allocation for their account (the smart contract is currently deployed on the on the Kovan Ethereum testnet), please read this blog post