Resetting Two Factor Authentication

Over the past months we’ve received many requests to reset the 2 Factor Authentication on accounts. The process to prove account ownership proved challenging and therefore we created a simple way to reset the account 2FA.

Before you continue, please remember: Only use your personal computer and only on a private network. Do not run this process if you are not alone. Make sure your account seed is safely backed up. Remove unnecessary clipboard data and files from the computer to reduce risk (but make sure you have a safe backup).

Follow the guide below to reset your 2FA:

  1. Go to and log in as usual using your credentials (enter your email & password, confirm the captcha and click sign in)
Signing in at

2. Once logged in, you will receive the 2FA request. Click the ‘Reset Two Factor Authentication’ link at the bottom.

3. You will now receive a new dialog, asking you to confirm account ownership by providing the account seed. Enter the account seed inside the field ‘To reset 2FA, please, confirm your seed” and click “Reset”:

Account seed request. Required step to reset 2FA

4. The system will verify if the seed matches the public key of your account. If the provided account seed is correct, the 2FA on the account will be reset, enabling you to create a new 2FA. If an error occurs, then you used a seed that does not match the one you have in your account. Please locate the correct seed and try again.

We hope you will never need to use this guide!