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WINGS DAO is what we make of it! The more MEMBERS who participate the BETTER the Forecast, and the more Power WE as a Group have to Bring Exposure to WORTHY NEW PROJECTS like Bancor to Our SOCIAL Networks and Friends.

This is what financial inclusion is about! Helping those are you.

To Set an Example for future ICOs (crowdfunds, etc) using WINGS, and SHOW the Broader crypto and finance communities you NEED to do 2 things if you value your WINGS and Care about your fellow DAO members:

1) MAKE a Forecast at wings.ai — thanks to the 300+ DAO members who have done this already!

2) SHARE YOUR FORECAST or just the wings.ai webpage on your Favorite Social Network so that others can see WINGS DAO in action!

Current Bancor fundraiser proceeds forecast stats:
median: ~220k Eth, whale median: ~270k Eth

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Instructions for how to provide valuation and feedback using on wings.ai


Information about the Bancor Network Token (BNT) fundraiser price discovery reward of up to $250,000 in ETH and BNT